Welcome to Metheringham Squash Rackets Club. Metheringham Squash Rackets Club was built in the mid 1970s, the time of the big squash boom when Squash was as Golf is today – the ‘in thing’. At that time players were only allowed two courts per week and the Club had 25 leagues. After several changes of ownership and a big decline in interest in squash, the Club was closed for a short period until it was purchased in the early 1990s by Blankney Estates. A committee of players was set up to run the Club on behalf of the Members, the Club being leased off Blankney Estates as it still is today. The first tentative days were fraught with worries whether the club would be viable, but this proved totally unfounded and the Club thrived and continues to do so.

Playing Squash or Racket ball is a great way to keep fit, whilst having fun at the same time! The club has a super friendly atmosphere and is open to all, no matter your age or ability, why not come along and give us a try.

If you don’t fancy the exertion of being a playing member, why not become a social member and enjoy a few drinks in the bar.